Due to the great demand in Italy, GPM creates in 1995 a section inside the company, dedicated exclusively to the production and sale of metal plates and beams. Using raw material from Italian providers, it manufactures a high-quality product Made in Italy.

Shot after, it would widen its market by selling accessories and plasterboards panels to satisfy its client’s needs.

Metal Profiles

Metal profiles used for internal structure of wall tiles, partitions, ceilings and other interior units of plasterboard or Tecnoboard panels. Using galvanized sheets as base material, they allow their installation in non-aggressive interior environments with a mild or medium permanent humidity.

Metal profiles for walls

Used in wall and partitions. They have the function of supporting the plates and absorbing the efforts of their elements, without any external supporting function.

  • Metal stud M
  • Metal stud TBM
  • Metal track U
  • Asymmetric containment base and L for support
  • Angle bead
  • Angle bead stucco reinforcement
  • Band for stucco

Metal profiles for roofs

They have the function of supporting the plates and absorbing the efforts of their elements, without any external supporting function.

  • Perimeter track U
  • Main channel C
  • High channel “Ω”
  • Perimeter trims “L” and “double L”
  • Crosstee
  • Maintee
  • Cassttle keel

Metal Stud M

M UPRIGHTS: They are positioned vertically for the installation of Self-supporting Wall Cladding and Partitions, acting as a structure to fix the plasterboard plates. They come in different widths and are manufactured (in all cases) 1 mm smaller than the channel, which allows them to be inserted into them. Its use is not recommended in ceilings with normal measurements.

Variety of TBM uprights: they are used exclusively for walls where the Tecnoboard system will be used.

Metal Track U

Used in Self-supporting cladding, partitions and ceilings, as a structure to fix laminated plasterboard. They come in different widths, depending on the total thickness of the System to be built. Its use in ceilings with normal measurements is not recommended.

Furring Channel “Ω”

The profile is fixed directly to the supporting wall or to the upper slab and serves as a support to screw the plates in number and thickness according to requirements.

Metal Bead

Galvanized steel band cold-bent in “L” shape that is mounted for the protection of plasterboard’ constructive solutions corners.



The accessories have been designed to integrate perfectly with dry construction systems, in order to ensure safety and an excellent finish. The great diversity of products takes into consideration all the possible needs that may appear in the construction, important to facilitate the correct installation of them.


Plasterboard Panel

Laminated plasterboards are composed of a plaster plate with additives and a coating of two sheets of special cardboard, taking advantage of the good compressive strength of the plaster with the good resistance to flexion given by the cardboard sandwich.

They have limited use in interiors, where depending on the desired requirements we can choose among several options according to thickness, size and properties of fire resistance and impermeability.