Example of a plant with 4 forming machines


Production Compartment

1 Mixing system
2 Forming machines
3 Hydraulic grap

Drying Compartment

7 Trolley
8 Dryer

Palletizing Compartment

9 Compactor/Tipper
10 Wrapping machine

Advantages of Tecnoboard Building


• Fire resistance of up to 180 minutes

• Fire reaction of 0 class

• Acoustic resistance of up to 61 dB

• Smooth finished walls

• Water repellent versions available

• Environmentally friendly

• Robust and flexible walls thanks to fibreglass reinforcement

The partition system of the new millennium


Tecnoboard SYSTEM, the reinforced plaster-fibber system for walls and partitions is formed by two reinforced panels of plaster-fibber, “STANDARD” and “HYDRO”, with perfectly flat surfaces on both sides and a male-female system that allows perfect coupling between adjacent panels. Panels are fixed to a metallic structure that acts as a support, composed by uprights with a “C” section that forms an intermediate chamber for any anticipated installation network.


TECNOBOARDSYSTEM is an innovative system that contributes to a faster execution of the construction while giving to it better strength, flexibility, maintenance capability and installation incorporation in comparison to alternative traditional solutions. Clients get excellent results in terms of esthetic, soundness, acoustic and fire resistance.