Our manufacturing is based on small and medium series, both in CNC machining centers and conventional.

Mechanization is a manufacturing process that consists in a group of operations that involve the elaboration of pieces from material cutting, either from chip removal or abrasion. This technology is applied from semi-finished products or ones that have already undergone some previous transformation by other processes such as moulding or forging.

In GPM we work with a great variety of materials like stainless steel, brass, aluminium, steel, methacrylate and polycarbonate, among others.
We have machines with Computer Numeric Control technology (CNC Machines) that are capable of directing the positioning of a mobile mechanical organ through elaborate orders in a completely automatic way.

Computerized mechanization centers allow for repetition, reliability and precision, therefore offering a faster, more exact and cheaper mechanization. Among the mechanization operations that can be done in our CNC workshops there are turning, milling and tangential grinding. From the base of this combination it’s possible to generate most industrial pieces.

We’re capable of manufacturing from the simplest piece to the most precise and with the most quality, adjusting to the individual demands of each one of our clients, putting at their disposal all the necessary care and dedication to insure its optimal fabrication.

Besides manufacturing pieces, we also collaborate and provide our knowledge to our clients in order to solve or produce newly launched components or with some sort of inconvenience. So far, we have produced pieces for companies of different sectors like aeronautics, engineering and petrochemical, among others.



We have state-of-the-art CNC milling machines, besides conventional ones, that allow us to manufacture pieces with any kind of dimensional geometry with the highest level of precision.


A milling machine is a tool-machine used for mechanizations by chip removal using the movement of a rotational tool with several cutting edges called a milling cutter. These are the most appropriate machines because of the variety of mechanization it offers and the flexibility it allows in the manufacturing process.

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Turning Lathe

We manufacture all kinds of turned CNC pieces, in different materials like tempered and stainless steel, aluminium, bronze and other special materials requested by our clients.

For it, we have a conventional and a state-of-the-art CNC turn equipped with different tools that allow us to perform mechanization work with specific characteristic like radial and axial orifices, flat parts, grooves and slits with different width, and threaded finishes with interior or exterior diameters.


The turn is defined as a two-dimensional work machine for it allows manufacturing from two work axis, usually named Z and X.

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In flat grinding, the objective is to manufacture surfaces parallel to the plane with a defined quality of depth of surface roughness.

The grinding process has a meaningful position in manufacturing technology. Its meaningful advantages are: the potential high quality of the piece regarding its size and shape tolerance, and defined superficial qualities.

GPM is capable to grind: carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome surfaces, cast iron, brass and all other similar material



GPM has a technical office of projects and design at its disposal. The office uses state of the art mechanical and 3D CAD design software that helps improve the operators’ performance, facilitate the manufacturing of pieces and machine assembly, and allows finding and solving possible deficiencies that may appear on the designs or possible difficulties that our clients could experience.




The CNC Guillotine Shear helps us to cut metal plates or from other materials. This metal CNC Shear uses two cutting edges and a press that holds metal sheets very tightly in order to ensure the accuracy of the required measures in blueprints or specifications, without burrs, slag or deformations.

Up to 3 meters wide in carbon steel, stainless steel and many other materials.



The Band Saw makes precise cold-cutting from different angles without burr, allowing an increased cutting capacity, cutting profiles, bars and pipes, and a more efficient use of the material with cleaner cuts.



Metal Bending with our bender is very precise thanks to the levelness obtained through two cylinders perfectly synchronized by a proportional valve.

As part of our transformation of materials service, we have metal sheet bending or metal plate bending with the needed accuracy to get the best products.

Bending capacity up to three meters.